Accessibility info

We want to make DPC accessible for everybody and so provide the following facilities:

Accessible slides

We ask all speakers to create their slides with accessibility in mind like font sizes, color use etcetera.

Allgender toilets

There are gender-neutral toilets available at the DPC venue.

Special diets

The lunch standard includes vegetarian options. Do you have any other dietary requirements please make a note in the specified field during registration so we can make special arrangements for you. 

Prayer room

There is a prayer room available in the venue. The prayer room has a washroom and two private cubicles where people of all faiths can pray or meditate in a peaceful environment. The prayer room is accessible via entrance D at level -1. The room can be locked from the inside.


Quiet room

During the Dutch PHP Conference there is a quiet room available, the quiet room is the Forum room. You can use the quiet room between the opening and the closing keynote, and during the conference social on Friday evening.

Live captioning

For the keynote presentations and all talks in the two largest rooms we will offer Live Captioning. Stenographers from White Coat Captioning will turn the audio into correctly spelled text which will appear on large TV screens, usually with a delay of only ¾ of a second. It’s also possible to read the text using a web browser on your phone or tablet.


RAI Amsterdam is accessible for people using a wheelchair & mobility scooter. The aisles at the show floor are spacious and the surface is flat. Elevators and accessible toilets are available. Visitors with an official 'disability card' can follow route 7 to P7-parking garage. 

Assistance dogs

Pets are not allowed in the RAI venue. Assistance dogs (or service animals) are however always welcome. If you want to bring an assistance animal, please contact us so we can make arrangements with the venue.

Wheelchair assistant

Wheelchair assistants get free access. The person using the wheelchair will need to show a valid disability card and will need to pay for their own ticket. Please send us an email or fill in the accessibility question in the registration form so we can make the right arrangements for you.

Wheelchair Rental

It is possible to borrow a wheelchair at the RAI venue as long as you make a reservation in advance. A reservation can be made by sending us an email.

Baby Care Lounge

The Baby Care Lounge is equipped with comfortable chairs, a baby changing bench with cushions, a playpen, a refrigerator and a sink with hot and cold water. Access to the Baby Care Lounge is controlled by a key system and the room can be locked from the inside.