Call for Papers closed

Now the Call For Papers is closed, the organizers handpick a team of developers for the selection committee. The list of abstracts will be rated by each member in our rating tool on a scale of 1 - 10. The organizers average up the ratings and do some manual review for statistical outliers. With this in hand, they begin making final picks.

The scores from the selection committee are leading but a few other factors are involved. We try to ensure a wide variety of presentations, not only talks about frameworks or APIs. We also look for a balance between well-known veterans and exciting young upstarts. In short, we prefer exciting content over exciting presentations (although both doesn't hurt).

If you're selected, you'll receive a confirmation email, followed by more details as the event draws closer. We expect to release the schedule within eight weeks of the CFP closing. If you're not accepted, please try again next year.

We're expecting a great conference this year and look forward to seeing you all in July!

Your hosts,
The Ibuildings DPC team