Push your side effects to the edge

You followed all the rules: TDD, SOLID, CUPID and of course DDD. But when refactoring time comes, you still have to touch all those pesky tests. You thought refactoring meant not changing the tests!?

In this session we’ll see how design choices can lead to test pain – and how you can avoid that pain by pushing side effects to the edge. We’ll:
– Identify context and side-effects
– Split up different kinds of logic
– Black-box test *all the things*
– … identify when and when not to!


Session info:

Speaker: Pim Elshoff

DDD adept, TDD enthusiast, OO pro at Superscript

Date: 15 maart 2024

Time: 10:55 - 11:40

Relevant tags:
Stack-agnostic Testing

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