Florian Engelhardt

Florian Engelhardt

Proud dad of five 🧒, husband, Linux 🐧, Vim, PHP 🐘, Rust 🦀, OpenSource, Geek and I'm getting shit done at Datadog

Florian is married with five kids and he likes to play table tennis 🏓, table football ⚽, chess ♟️, and MTG. He is also a software engineer and builds a PHP profiler at Datadog.

He started writing small software on an IBM PS/2 30 286 in GW-BASIC back in 1993, throughout the 90s he learned HTML, JavaScript, Perl, C, and a bit of Assembler. It was September 2000 when he was introduced to PHP and he thought nobody would ever need it, but boy he was wrong.

In his spare time (and with five kids you do not have that much of it), he works on various open-source PHP projects and every now and then he writes blog posts and gives talks about anything PHP.

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Application Logging
15 March 2024 / 16:10 - 16:40

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