Shruti Balasa

Shruti Balasa

Tech Educator at Self employed

I’m Shruti Balasa, a full stack web developer and a Tech Educator from India. I like to make web development simple for beginners through my courses, Youtube tutorials and eBooks.

Some of my latest courses include “Laravel 9.0 Essentials” and “Advanced Laravel” on LinkedIn Learning and “CSS Grids Simplified” and “CSS Flexbox Simplified” on Laracasts. I’m a Tailwind CSS evangelist with most of my Youtube videos dedicated to help beginners learn the framework.

I’m an author of two eBooks “Complete Guide to CSS Flex & Grid]” and “Level up with Tailwind CSS” with a combines sales of 1800 across 80 countries.

I choose to work only for about 4 hours a day so that I can spend quality time with my 6 year old and family.

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